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Send Riley to Korea to Represent USA

Send Riley to Korea to Represent USA

Riley, a freshman in VCHS and who has been a player with the VCBC since its start, has been invited on to Team San Diego International World Baseball to participate in an international tournament in Korea in August 2016.

The tournament, in a different location each year, will include teams from Brazil, Chinese Taipei, China, Canada, Argentina, Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Italy and Japan in addition to the USA. This year the tournament will be in Seoul, Korea.

Here is Riley's request:

Request for sponsorship to represent the USA in the 2016 World Boys League Tournament

Hello my name is Riley and I got invited to play baseball for Team San Diego International World Baseball. This year this team is going to Korea for the world championship. This experience is unique and special because it is a once in a life time trip/experience in which they take the best 18 players on this trip from each country/region. This is the 35th annual year they have done this. The cool thing about this trip is that after the tournament is finished, we can trade jerseys, hats, and other things with the other competitors. There are 13 other teams including: Japan, Korea, Australia, Mexico and others. In total I need to raise 3,000 dollars. I am going on July 21 - August 6. I have one question for you,


You can donate on this site www.vcbaseball.org/Riley or find me anytime before June 29th and buy a raffle ticket for many prizes such as sports memorabilia, Padres tickets, an Easton bat, spa days, resort vacations, and much more. Any donations will be appreciated greatly. Thank you.


Riley Baranowski
Catcher, Team Captain, and All-Around Good Guy